Safety Information

Device safety information and tips:

The stealth retainer system is sold as a novely only and is not a medical device. Nor is it intended to treat or cure any medical issues. By purchasing our products the user assumes all risks associated with using the device, and Stealth Retainers is not liable for any injuries that may occur while using our devices.

When using weight sets:

  • Always use caution when using weights, always use with our safety strap to catch the weights if they slip off.
  • Begin with the smallest weight possible to determine how it feels, and slowly increase the weights used as you become comfortable using the device.
  • If you begin to feel any discomfort, remove the device immediately and wait for discomfort to be resolved before trying again.

When using the Stealth Retainer:

  • Insure the device and gripper are the proper size before using, otherwise you may experience discomfort while wearing.
  • Before sleeping with your device, be sure to wear the device with an erection for an extended period of time while awake to assure the device is comfortable while erect.
  • Clean your device and accessories after every use to remove any bacteria that may have collected. We recommend swirling the devices in an isopropyl alcohol solution and wiping down after each use.
  • Before screwing ANYTHING into the end of the retainer, be sure to check the screw will not come in contact with your glans by screwing it in before wearing the device.

When Using Grippers:

  • Ensure the device and gripper are the proper size before using, otherwise you may experience discomfort while wearing.
  • Ensure you do not have too much skin under your gripper - this can cause pinching.
  • Custom grippers - skin should be at or below the raised line molded into the gripper.
  • Standard grippers - skin should be about half way up gripper, never past the hole at the top.
  • Use caution with “snug” fit grippers, as they are a tighter fit and are not designed to be worn for more than a few hours, you may experience discomfort if worn longer than 2 hours.
  • Do not use more than 16oz of weight with our “comfort” grippers, otherwise the retainer will become more likely to slip off during use.

General Safety Tips:

  • Slowly build your weight or tugging tension when first starting. The worst thing you can do is overdo it. You can cause tears in the skin with too much tension, we do not recommend using more than 28oz.
  • If your device keeps slipping off, try cleaning your shaft and device with isopropyl alcohol and re-attaching. Skin oils can make it difficult for the grippers to grip.
  • If you feel a slight burning feeling when using the device, that is a sign to give your skin a 15 minute break. You can re-install the device after the feeling has resided.