I created the P-Tainer, our original foreskin retainer, after being frustrated for years that I couldn't use any existing device while at my job as a race car mechanic. I wanted to train my foreskin to stay over my glans to help improve my sex life and pleasure. We're here to support you on your journey. If you're new to the foreskin life click below to learn more or scroll down to see how our system works.
Zac Cardinal

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Retainers are the foundational piece of the Stealth Retainer system. They sit directly on top of the glans and any skin available is rolled over them to be held in place by the Grippers. They are able to be peed through and are compatible with all our accessories.

Stainless Steel Retainers

Stainless Steel Retainer

Stainless Steel Retainers are our top-of-the-line option for our retainers. They offer premium comfort, are easier to clean, and weigh about 3oz for an added tug.

Standard Plastic Retainers

Standard Retainer

Standard Retainers are our less expensive retainer option ideal for getting started with foreskin retaining and for verifying the retainer fit before upgrading to a Stainless Steel Retainer.


Silicone grippers are the other required component of the Stealth Retainers system, in addition to a retainer. They fit over the Retainers and gently hold the skin against the retainer body.

Custom Grippers

Custom Gripper next to Stainless Steel Retainer

Our custom grippers are designed and made in-house so their profile exactly matches the retainer to provide the most comfortable fit possible.

Standard Grippers

Standard Gripper

Standard Grippers are our original gripper, and are still preferred by some customers for specific situations.

Stainless Steel Weight System

The Stainless Steel Weight System is our premium weight system. It consists of one or more stainless steel weights, a spacer, and a weight bulge. This setup allows you to easily vary the amount of weight attached to your retainer, growing with you as you progress on your journey. The spacer and weight bulge keep a discreet anatomical shape under your clothes.

Stainless Steel Weights

4, 8, and 16oz Stainless Steel Weights

Stainless Steel Weights are available in 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz weights. They can be screwed into each other, adapting to your unique activity level and situation.

Weight Spacer and Bulge

Weight Bulge

The Weight Spacer is designed to fill the gap between the retainer/gripper and the weights. This prevents an awkward line under your clothes. The Weight Bulge attaches to the end of the last weight to maintain the anatomical shape under your clothes.


We offer a wide variety of accessories to ensure you are able to meet your goals no matter what types of activities you do. Using weights is not always convenient - check other ways to tug here.

Knob Tugger

Premium Knob Tugger

Our Premium Knob Tugger is designed to be used for manual tugging sessions and is ideal for mixing up your stretching routine.

Retainer Bulge

Retainer Bulge installed on a Stainless Retainer with Custom Gripper.

The Retainer Bulge attaches directly to the retainer and is designed to maintain an anatomical shape when wearing the retainer under your clothes as well as keeping any residual urine inside the retainer.

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Let's Get Started!

We're here to guide you through your journey. Check out our recommended starting points below, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is perfect for those just starting out. It includes a standard retainer, custom gripper, retainer bulge, and knob tugger to get immediately started. It's fully compatible with the Stealth Retainer system and easy to expand with additional products and accessories.

4oz Stainless Steel Weight Set

4oz Weight Set

The 4oz Stainless Weight Set is ideal for men looking for the perfect starting amount of weight to tug with! The 4oz set is a great way to dip your toe into using weights and many men will add more weight after they get used how the good the 4oz feels. It's also fully compatible with the Stealth Retainer system and easy to expand with additional products and accessories.