How to Measure

How are measurements taken?

Download our free sizing guide HERE

The device will sit on the top 1/3rd of your glans. Find the size range that suites you on the ordering page drop down.

To figure out which size will best fit you, follow the directions below:

  1. Pull back loose skin below glans
  2. Starting with smallest hole, insert glans into each size of hole
  3. Stop when hole is larger than the correct fitting circle (see images below)
  4. Choose the size to the left of the hole that’s larger than your fitting circle

Image showing the penis head not being able to fit though a circle on the sizing guide

Hole Too Small

Image showing the penis head being able to go roughly two-thirds of the way through a sizing-guide hole.

Good Fit

Image showing the penis head being able to go all the way through the sizing guide hole.

Hole Too Big