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Extended P-tainer


This threaded retainer is intended for intact men looking to retain their foreskin or men that are far along in their journey.

We currently only offer these in our non stainless version of the retainer.

This and all of our other products are designed and manufactured in the USA!

P-tainer Size
Extended P-tainer Length
Gripper Option
Add Retainer Bulge


Categories: Retainers

Product Reviews


Literally the best tugger/retainer I've ever used

From: Max Muir - Verified Purchase

Aug. 19, 2023

Long time restorer here. I've been restoring for the last decade, on and off, nothing really serious. I started out with the TLC Tugger, then the TLC-X, then the CAT-II, then had a Fore Restore DA for two years with modest results, but it broke, so I randomly came across this site looking for a replacement.

The biggest problem with all the Tuggers and Retainers I've used/worn, I could not wear them for more than 2h without it pinching, or being in extreme pain, or just randomly falling off because I'm completely circumcised. The 25mm+, with a comfort fit seal, I have worn this the last 2 days for at least 10h each day, no discomfort at all, no need to re-adjust, and after putting some medical tape around the tip of the seal, it doesn't slip off eventually when I urinate.

The added bonus here of the extended P-Tainers is that I'm literally tugging and wearing a retainer with no discomfort. I've even tried to sleep with it on, it's that comfortabl, e (you're not supposed to) but I haven't gotten past the painful erection phase when I sleep. I'm certain that I will be able to wear this device 24h/day eventually. This is a godsend ty.

These Retainers work

From: Jesse Lonnen - Verified Purchase

Aug. 19, 2021

These extended retainers work well to keep the foreskin stretched when wearing. This helps stretch the inner foreskin to more coverage over the glans. I only gave a 4 star rating because one of the two extended retainers I purchased had a rough edge. I used some very fine sandpaper to smooth the roughness out and it feels fine now. These retainers are not smooth like glossy plastic, they are made slightly rougher which helps keep the foreskin and gripper in place when worn. They are comfortable and I wear mine for hours at a time. I recommend this product if you are serious about foreskin restoration.

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