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Standard P-Tainer


This threaded retainer is intended for our budget minded customers. Produced from high quality and thoroughly tested materials - our economy retainers are a great value.

This device is intended for use with foreskin retaining which refers to keeping loose skin rolled over your glans to protect it.

We offer FREE size exchanges if your retainer doesn't fit properly! Just pay shipping on the replacement. **We discard any returned products that come in direct contact with skin**

This and all of our other products are designed and manufactured in the USA!

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Frenulum Notch
P-tainer Size
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Product Reviews


Just the product I was looking for

From: Rich - Verified Purchase

Oct. 1, 2022

I ventured into the world of restoring to try to get back what nature intended for males. I see the process as a birthright for cut men. The plastic P-tainer is everything you need to retain while performing manual stretches. You can use the device without the gripper by pulling the top end and making an "okay" symbol around the collected skin just below the top end for an even tug. The gripper is a plus and is everything I was looking for to keep the skin over my glans. I can't feel it and can wear it all day. I go up and down ladders all day and sweat quite a bit, no slippage. I dont wear it at night because I woke up with some irritation on my glans one morning because I usually sleep stomach down, if you dont lay on your stomach there shouldn't be any issues. Great product and company thank you for making the ordering process easy and affordable.


From: Justin - Verified Purchase

Jan. 9, 2022

I initially purchased the standard non stainless steel retainer. There are a few issues with the non stainless steel retainer. The biggest issue is that once you begin adding weights, the hole for the screw attachments becomes stripped over time. After about a month of weight training the screw hole was so badly damaged I could no longer add any attachments. So I could only use the device as a retainer without any weights. The second issue with the non stainless steel/ plastic retainer is cleaning difficulty. Even after numerous washing, the plastic retainer will retain an odor. This is why I spent the extra money and purchased the stainless steel retainer. So far I've had the stainless steel retainer about two weeks. Because it is metal, I strongly doubt the screw hole will become stripped like the plastic one. Also there is very little odor when using the stainless steel device and cleaning is so easy. Also guys, there is one trick I have learned as far as wearing the weights discretely under clothing. I wear a jockstrap with a pocket for a cup. I insert the weighted portion into the pocket of the jock strap. I keep the jockstrap pulled loosely an inch or so below my waist so there is still some downward tension being applied by the weights. The tension will be less than if the weights swung freely, but the benefit is that the weights are discreet and the device is harder to loose because it is in the pocket of the jockstrap. I have worked out in the gym without the weights coming off using this technique. I have also ordered some drop crotch/harem athletic pants to try and conceal the weights for a full swing option. If you wear anything else, there is definitely an abnormal looking bulge swinging in your pants. This would restrict you to wearing weights only at home.

Love it!

From: E.R. - Verified Purchase

Dec. 25, 2021

It is co comfortable and my favorite part is I can wear it at night! It stays perfectly in place even when I get an erection!

Still Happy After 6 Months!!

From: T.T. - Verified Purchase

Aug. 26, 2021

I waited awhile to write this to see if my initial excitement would fade, but 6 months later I'm just as happy as the day I got it. Can't say enough good things about this device.

The device was incredibly easy to get used to wearing, even as someone in the relatively early stages of restoration. I was able to work up to wearing the device for 8-12 hours at a time after about a week as a CI-2.

Despite being the more affordable option compared to the metal retainer, these plastic ones still feel sturdy and well made. I've been able to wear mine while exercising (Lifting, Running, Biking) with no issues. Mine has stood up to the wear and tear of regular use without any issues to speak of.

As someone who works a chaotic job with unpredictable hours, this device has been great to help keep maintaining progress since I'm unable to maintain a consistent tugging schedule. The increase in progress has been noticeable since I started wearing it.

I highly recommend anyone in the process of restoring to add one of these to your routine. You'll be glad you did!

Very Comfortable and Secure

From: MJB - Verified Purchase

Aug. 23, 2021

I ordered after pondering sizes ( measured JUST over the # between the two) and find the XL very comfortable and secure.
Later I got a Starter Kit when it was offered. That came with a Comfort Grip. (even better).
I remove it to pee, just to prevent any circulation concerns I've had with other devices.
I plan on getting a Weight Set soon. Very satisfied all around.

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