Starter Kit

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Starter Kit



The Stealth Retainers Starter Kit is the best way to begin your retaining journey.

A $70 value (if purchased individually), our new starter kit is available for just $60 and ensures that you get all the tools you need to get started on your journey. The retainer included is also guaranteed to fit or we'll work with you to find the size that is the most comfortable fit possible for you.

These, and all Stealth Retainers products, are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

If you don't know your retainer size, we recommend checking out our sizing guide to find your perfect fit!

Configure Your Product
This is the diameter of the P-tainer you will get measured at the widest area of the retainer


Items In The Kit

Standard retainer - the starting point of our entire modular ecosystem, you can use this retainer to increase sensitivity as well use it with any of our weights or attachments. Available in 11 colors!

Custom Gripper - this incredibly comfortable and secure silicon gripper, allows for weights, and daily retaining. While multiple sizes are available to ensure the perfect fit, we include the Comfort size for the retainer chosen in this kit. The Comfort size gripper works best for those just starting out since it is more comfortable and can generally be worn longer than the Snug fit.

Injection molded retainer bulge - this premium item is smooth and designed to screw into the end of any of our retainers. Using this bulge will provide an anatomical shape while wearing our device, as well as stopping any pee from dribbling out of the retainer after you use the bathroom.

Knob Tugger - this knob tugger screws into any of our retainers, allowing you to help you reach your goals without using weight by using your hands to create tension instead of using gravity.

>Worried about the fit?

Don't be! Check out our new Sizing Guide to get the best fit with our retainers! We also offer free size adjustments on all standard retainers to help you find your perfect fit.

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Product Reviews


From: Craig - Verified Purchase

May 12, 2022

So far I'm extremely pleased with this set up! I've been restoring for almost 2 years using T tape method. I never retained before. I got this product Monday afternoon and put it on immediately. It's Thursday now and it only been off for a few minutes. Sleep with it on, shower with it on, pee with it on. It's very comfortable to wear for sure. Saw some reviews that say other wise. Must have got missed in quality control. Mine is flawless and comfortable dont even know it's on. I have a fair amount of skin I think I could get an extended one and I definitely would like to get a custom gripper. Don't hesitate to get one. Zac has been a huge help and I'm sure if there was an issue he'd work to correct it. Buy it you won't regret it. I don't! I'm so excited to gain back sensitivity!! BUY IT!!!

This is actually working!

From: Brian07663NJ - Verified Purchase

April 7, 2022

I ordered the Starter Kit in November 2021. By early December I was trying yet another foreskin restoration product. Over the years I've tried my share of tape, stretching, clamping techniques. I'd always start out with enthusiasm and for a variety of reasons I would only last a matter of days. Tape would make the skin tender. Clamp devices would be uncomfortably. Well, I decided to try the Stealth Retainer products and technique. I will add the disclaimer that I am working naked from home so I don't have the issues of stuffing this into my pants. A few weeks of daily wear lead me to purchase some weights and now early April I just put on the steel version of the Stealth Retainer! Yes, I like this enough to invest in the steel version! As for the Starter Kit version - it is a great "is this right for me" and it can be the permanent long term final version to continue. I wear mine from when I wake in the morning until late afternoon or into the evening. I have not been sleeping with it on. When I do leave the house I remove any screw on weights because I find the movement of walking can cause the rubber holding the skin down to shift and suddenly I need to remove it right away. The skin of the shaft lately is becoming slightly itchy. Upon reading online, this is to be expected because the skin is regrowing from stretching! Super excited to have a product that is comfortable!

Very comfortable and easy to use

From: LM - Verified Purchase

Aug. 13, 2021

I bought the stealth retainer to wear when I am not using my DTR tugger (a cheap thing I got off of ebay). The stealth retainer is so much more comfortable than my tugger, and importantly, it stays on securely and I can wear it all day without problem. Because it's so much better than my cheap tugging device, I am purchasing a weight set to use as well.

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