Stainless Steel Extended P-Tainer - Retainer ONLY

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Stainless Steel Extended P-Tainer - Retainer ONLY


The best retainer on the market just got better and longer - machined from a solid piece of 301 stainless steel, this is a must-have for anyone interested in regaining sensitivity. This retainer weights 3.5oz and up depending on size and length.

This and all of our other products are designed and manufactured in the USA!

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This is the diameter of the P-tainer you will get measured at the widest area of the retainer
This is the length that will be added to the length bottom side of our non-extended retainers.

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This listing is for the stainless retainer ONLY. It does not include a gripper or bulge.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept returns or size exchanges for our stainless retainers - please order our Plastic Extended P-tainer to verify the fitment if you are not sure what size to order.

To see how to measure for your device, please grab or print our Sizing Guide or visit the How To Measure page

With this initial launch, you will be able to order all sizes of P-tainer (sizes 8-16) and lengths of +5mm through +25mm! We will offer the longer sizes soon, but there are a few more complexities with making anything longer +25mm, so we will continue to perfect those and send an update via our Newsletter as soon as that is available.

The weights of these retainers will vary based on size and length - here is an example of the expected weights with our middle sized retainer, size 12:

  • Size 12 Stainless (+0mm) - 3oz
  • Size 12 Stainless (+5mm) - 4oz
  • Size 12 Stainless (+10mm) - 5oz
  • Size 12 Stainless (+15mm) - 6oz
  • Size 12 Stainless (+20mm) - 7oz
  • Size 12 Stainless (+25mm) - 8oz
  • How to use the Stainless P-tainer Video

    All Sizes of Retainers Include:

    • 1 Stainless Steel Retainer with ¼-20 threaded end

    The interior of this retainer is unique in that it features a funnel like shape to direct your urine out of the retainer without needing to remove it to pee like most retainers and devices - no need for constant adjustments throughout the day.

    Our retainers have a “frenulum groove.” This groove provides the extra space in that area for additional comfort.

    Keeping your glans moist with urine or lotion is a proven way to help break down the thick layers of skin that have built up on your glans over the years from rubbing against your underwear and pants. The result of this skin break down can dramatically increase your sensitivity and pleasure after only a few weeks of use.

    Be sure to remove the device and wash daily with antibacterial soap and water.

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