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Advanced Stainless Steel Weight Set

$200.00 $230.00

This stealthy weighted tugging system lets you add weights to your P-tainer (included) to help you on your journey. This set includes 28oz of weight plus injection molded accessories.

Now with available stainless retainer add-on at a discounted price! (Please note stainless retainers are not applicable for size exchanges)

This and all of our other products are designed and manufactured in the USA! Our Stainless products are made of 304 Stainless Steel - this is a low nickel content stainless steel used in jewelry and surgical instruments.

Bulge and Spacer Color
P-tainer Size
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Product Reviews


Surprisingly great!

From: Drew S. - Verified Purchase

Sept. 24, 2022

Thank you for creating this product. I have been attempting to restore my foreskin for many years now using other devices (with rubber bands and bulky plastic tubes). The problem with those other devices are that I basically have to be completely naked to wear them. That's great for 3 months in the summer, but not practical all year round. Finally your product is such that I can wear it under my clothes all year round and "hide" it in my underwear. This will be much more effective now that I can stretch throughout the year. I also love the fact that it gives me a bulge that I can "show off" through my clothes. I was afraid that the plastic gripper part wouldn't grip tight enough to hold the weights because the gripper part on the other devices I've ordered in the past (from other companies) were never that effective. Surprisingly the gripper works amazingly well and really holds my foreskin without the chance of falling off. This is important when walking around with the device on out in public. Also, when gripping, it doesn't pull and hurt at all, as I suspected it might. I am so very pleased with this weight set and your device in general. Thank you again for creating it. One last thing: thank you for having such an amazing customer service policy: one of my weights had a screw whose threads didn't quite fit right. I asked for another one and you guys sent it to me very quickly and even sent me a pre-paid (postage) box all ready for me to send back the imperfect weight! You guys rock! Thanks again!

Most comfortable ive ever used!

From: Bigtxbubba - Verified Purchase

July 23, 2022

I purchased the basic retainer through ebay and after a week i couldn't help but pick up the full weight set. I've been restoring since early 2000 on and off and i haven't previously purchased anything that i have been able to wear more than an hour or two at a time. When i received the weight set the first thing i noticed is the quality. I am sure i wont be jumping into the full weight any time soon, but i don't have to worry about them degrading or tarnishing while they wait for me.

Also through ebay or through the website here they kept me informed of each step of my order. The communication of when it was placed, shipped, on its way, delivered was great i really appreciate that.

For those who want their foreskin back, this is what you need!

From: L.A. - Verified Purchase

May 24, 2020

The advanced set is great! The Stainess Steel Retainer is by far my favorite retainer. It's so secure, and I love the weightiness of it, even alone. Add the weights, and you're in tugging heaven. You can start small with the 4 oz, add the 8 oz, and then the 16oz. Plenty of options here! I like wearing the 4 oz out under my clothes, if your really bold, you may consider wearing the 8 oz or both the 8 and 4 oz out together, but you'll make a statement in your pants! Also the stainless is so easy to clean! 10 stars for me!

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